Bach - Art Of Fugue

I am synthesising the entire collection 'Art Of Fugue' by JS Bach: 

It is rather a challenge to be honest. Whilst the midis are freely available, it is not a simple matter of running Sonic Field over each midi and out pops music. I am tailoring each path to hopefully make the collected works more interesting and varied. Different pieces 'ask' for different mixtures of sounds (stops if you like) and I like to set to speed mayself rather than always take that from the midi file. Finally, some pieces have demanded new techniques in the synthesis simply because they are some complex.

Anyhow - here are the first 11 pieces - I will add the reset as I go on:

Canon Fugue 1

Canon Fugue 2

Canon Fugue 3

Canon Fugue 4

Counter Point Fugue 1

Counter Point Fugue 2

Counter Point Fugue 3

Double Fugue 1

Double Fugue 2

Inverted Fugue 1

Mirror Fugue 1

Experiments In Time - JS Bach

Here I present three renders of the same piece of music with the same synthesis patch but at different speeds.

Using Sonic Field to render music it is possible to make the music play faster or slower. The patch I have been using the Contrapunctus II is smart enough to change note envelopes to cope with quite a wide range of speeds. So, I thought it would be really interesting to play a piece at 'normal', 1.5 times slowed down and 3 times slowed down - here they are:

'Normal' speed

1.5 times slower than normal

3 times slower than normal
(very restful and reflective)

I really love the very slow version - it takes me off to a calm place where I can relax - but then I am not all that normal in my taste for slow music :)

Addicted To Bach

I guess it was bound to happen - it did to Wendy Carlos, now it is my turn to have a go (much less ahead of my time though!).

Yes - I am starting to get addicted to synthesising Bach. Here are my first two real attempts:

Toccata And Fugue In D Minor 

Contrapunctus - 1
(very hard to get even close to